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As a brokerage, we are pleased to offer motorhome finance and load options that make hitting the open road easier than ever before. Dealing with Credit One means that you will deal with brokers that understand your passion. Unlike some of the large financial institutions that will issue you with a number and bump you to the back of the queue – our team of brokers will give you the time and attention required to secure the best possible loan.

Whether you are looking to get behind the wheel of an A, B, or C class motorhome, a sprinter, a coach conversion, or a traditional campervan – our team will work with you to find the perfect loan through our lenders.

Unlike some of our larger counterparts, we are not bound by the rules of a single lender. Our brokers are free to shop from more than forty of Australia’s most trusted lenders – including some that are not accessible to the public, to find the best motorhome loan for your unique circumstances.

Find out why we have more than 1,000 five-star Google reviews and why our customers choose us time and time again. Fill out an online form or pick up the phone and dial 1300 272 348 to find out how we can help to get you on the road with your new motorhome sooner, with less fuss.

Motorhome Finance FAQ

How Do I Apply for Motorhome Finance in Australia?

Applying for motorhome finance in Australia with Credit One could not be easier. You can apply directly online using a form or speak directly to our team of brokers by phone now.

Our team will ask you some straightforward questions including your personal lending profile, personal assets, loan history, and talk you through your options for motorhome finance Australia. We can process your application promptly and provide you with all of your loan and finance options from our range of lenders. Our team is committed to empowering customers with information so that you can make an informed lending decision.

Am I Eligible for A Motorhome Loan?

Our team will assess your unique factors to provide you with information around your eligibility and loan or finance allowance from lenders. The easiest way to find out if you are eligible for a loan is to fill out the form on this page or get on the phone with our team by calling 1300 272 348.

Our team will take the time to talk you through your options and (if eligible) find you the best possible deal from more than forty of Australia’s top lenders. Using this information, you can then shop the new or used market to secure your dream motorhome and get on the road sooner.

How Does Motorhome Finance Work?

Motorhome finance, caravan finance, and camper trailer finance all come under the umbrella of leisure vehicle finance. In essence, if you are looking to purchase a leisure vehicle that makes getting outdoors more enjoyable – our team of brokers can provide you with options for an unsecured or secured loan.

Our team will ask you a number of questions and assess your unique lending profile to determine the type of loan you may be eligible for. We believe that knowledge is power, which is why our brokers are committed to providing you with information so that you can make an informed, financially sound decision before purchasing a motorhome.

Ultimately, the type of loan that you choose, and the features of that loan will come down to how you choose to manage it.

What Happens After You Submit An Enquiry?

  1. One of our brokers will contact you to determine your financial situation, requirements, and objectives
  2. You will be required to provide supporting documents to verify current financial situation
  3. Loan application will be submitted
  4. Loan will then be approved by lender, provided everything is in order
  5. Once the loan is approved, you can place an order for your dream motorhome, or – if you are shopping used, you will have the opportunity to shop the market with freedom up to an approved amount
  6. Once the loan has been settled, repayments begin
  7. If you are buying new, your broker can take care of everything for you including tax invoice requests and payment from the financier of the item upon collection

Once these steps have been completed, you will settle into the agreed repayment schedule until your motorhome is paid off. Once the loan has been paid off in full, you will own the motorhome and payments will cease.

Is It Better to Buy or Finance a Motorhome?

Whether you choose to buy or finance a motorhome will come down to the way that you handle your finances and your unique financial situation.

Some of the benefits that our customers enjoy when financing their motorhome include:

  1. You are free to invest or keep aside cash for a rainy day
  2. Repayments are low
  3. You will build credit history by completing regular repayments on time
  4. You can manage all of your debt in a single loan
  5. Most importantly, you get to enjoy your dream motorhome sooner

The decision to buy versus finance a motor home will ultimately come down to how you choose to handle your personal finances. When in doubt, consult an independent financial planner or accounting professional for more information.

Should I Buy a New or Used Motorhome?

The decision to buy a new or used motorhome will come down to the type of motor home that you are looking to purchase. Purchasing a new RV means that you will have the surety of a new vehicle, while purchasing second hand means more bang for your buck – albeit with slightly higher risk.

The loan that we can secure for your motorhome will depend on whether you choose to buy new or second hand. Generally speaking, new purchases will attract a lower rate than their used motorhomes. In some cases, financiers may only allow the loan period based on the age of the asset.

Can I Get A Loan With Bad Credit?

Our team loves a challenge – no matter how difficult it may seem!

Having a low credit score or a history of bad credit can make things more difficult if you are looking to purchase a new or used RV.

While we are not going to say that we can secure a loan from a lender without reviewing your unique financial situation, our team of specialists will do their best to exercise a strong association and relationships with financiers to find you a deal. Find out if you are eligible for a loan by completing the form on this page or get on the phone with our team of brokers by calling 1300 272 348.

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