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Caravan Loans Finance | The Loan Specialists

Credit One specialises in loans for RV's, campervans, camper trailer and motorhomes. We finance Australia wide for all types of recreational vehicles.

How To Apply For A Caravan Loan

Applying for a caravan loan is much easier than choosing your new dream asset. There are a couple of ways you can apply for caravan finance through Credit One.

You can either make a call direct to our industry professionals or use one of our online application forms. Even if you use the online process, your application will be looked after by one industry professional from start to finish.

When a time suits, we will give you a call to discuss rates, term, the structure of the loan and what suits your needs etc. Starting the application process usually only takes around 20 minutes and during this time we discuss your personal lending profile, current financial position, assets, and liabilities and what you would like to achieve when financing the asset.

Once we have completed your application, we will request supporting documentation. The exact documentation required will depend on how you want to structure and set up the caravan loan. This can include but not limited to: whether it be a business-related loan or a loan where the caravan will be being used for personal use.

Once received, the application will be assessed, we will then come back to you with the best options for you, you then decide which option you would like to take. The caravan finance application is then sent to the financier for consideration and approval.

How Does Caravan Finance Work?

Caravan, Camper Trailer and Motorhome finance for these assets are generally the same. They would either be a secured loan or unsecured loan.

That being said, the type of loan you ultimately decide on will be after a conversation had with one of our qualified Credit One Leisure team brokers. During the conversation you will be asked a number of questions about how you want to manage your new loan, if you would like it secured unsecured, what rate, term, fees and charges. We can tailor a loan to suit the way you want to manage it.

Features of a secured loan.

  • Fixed interest for the term of the loan
  • Fixed rates attract a lower rate
  • The ability to make extra repayments
  • Minimal exit costs
  • Minimal account keeping fees
  • Partial or full funding
  • Total flexibility where you have control

Having a look at the types of loans available to you ultimately comes down to how you want to manage the loan.

So, you have made the decision and placed a deposit on your soon to be built or used pride and joy. What happens next? What are the steps?

Your broker will guide you through the very easy process of applying for a caravan loan.

  • First step is to make an application.
  • Once your caravan finance has been approved, if you are buying new and it is a build just sit back and wait or if it’s in stock, we can give the dealer the great news. If buying used, you can give the vendor the great news and start to think about collection.
  • Repayments commence once the loan has been settled.
  • If buying new, your broker will look after everything with the dealer when it comes to things like, tax invoice requests and payment from the financier of the unit prior to collection.

What Are The Benefits of Financing A Caravan?

Financing a caravan in our current climate has never been easier, better or more cost-effective, with interest rates at an all-time low, the likes of which we have never seen before.

The dream of the great escape is now at the fingertips of many more Australians and given the current overseas travel restrictions in 2021, domestic travel within Australia is a fantastic alternative. And unlike if you borrowed funds to travel overseas you have a tangible asset you can re-sell.

  • The main benefit of obtaining a caravan loan is you get to live the lifestyle today
  • Repayments on caravan finance are at an all-time low in Australia
  • Keeping your cash aside for the rainy day
  • You build your credit history and profile
  • One easy to manage repayment

New Or Used Caravan?

Once the decision has been made to purchase a caravan or RV, how much you can borrow and how much you can afford is now a key factor.

Obtaining a pre-approval can put your mind at ease and give you confidence about the types of assets you can look at. There are differences when borrowing money for either a new or used caravan and then off course there is the overall cost.

Interest rates will vary whether you are buying new or used and will also be affected by the actual age of the van. New can attract a lower rate in some cases. Secondly, the loan term can also be affected when purchasing a used caravan, RV, camper trailer, or motorhome and in some instances, financiers will only allow the loan period based on the vintage of the asset.

How To Get The Best Rate On Your Caravan Loan

Getting the very best deal is what everyone wants. We often hear how the customer wants a better rate.

Sadly, the media has pushed and pushed for the borrowers to continually ask for a better deal. When we say that Credit One has a strong history of getting the very best rate caravan finance for their customers, you can see for yourself in the 5-star reviews we consistently receive.

Obtaining the very best rate is not about being demanding but working with the broker and understanding what the very best loan is for you and your current financial circumstances.

Remember that the best loan may not be the one with the very cheapest interest rate. Generally, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Factors affecting the loan interest rate could be

  • the age of the van,
  • the amount being borrowed,
  • your current financial circumstances or
  • even your financial history.

There are two options when looking to borrow money, firstly you have mainstream normal financial institutions such as banks and Credit Unions. Alternatively, you can engage the services of a professional finance brokerage like ours.

The traditional lenders tend to have less options and choices with regards to finding the very best caravan finance. Most banks don’t see caravans and campers as an asset and the interest rates will reflect this.

Credit One has a large number of choices and options to find the very best loan for you. The financiers available to the brokers work closely to ensure the loan is tailored to suit your individual financial circumstances.

Our best suggestion for getting the best rate caravan loan - talk to Credit One, let us do a comparison. It’s a phone call that could save you thousands.

Am I Eligible For A Caravan Loan?

There are a number of factors that come into play when looking for a loan. It is a straightforward process and with a simple call to one of our finance brokers, you can get a basic idea whether or not a caravan loan is going to be suitable for you.

With a few simple questions, a qualified broker can give you an indication if you will meet the criteria for a loan. Eligibility for a loan will be based on a number of factors including but not limited to income, your age, residential status, and current financial profile. Call our team today and find out the easy way. At Credit One we look at every option to get you approved.

Can I Get A Caravan Loan With Bad Credit?

Within the finance industry, we always love a challenge.

If you have had bad credit, low credit score, blemishes on your current loans or have even been bankrupt there is always hope. Credit One understands that every person’s circumstances are different.

While we are not suggesting that every loan applicant will be assured of success when applying for caravan finance, Credit One does has a history of strong association and relationships with the financiers. This means we are in a strong position to get more deals set. Do not let a bad credit deter you from having a conversation, you will be surprised on what our brokers can achieve for you.

How To Calculate Your Repayments

Using our caravan loan calculator, you can get a quick estimate of your weekly or monthly repayments. This will give you a quick indication of how much you can afford to borrow on your loan.

But remember that this only gives you an estimate of your loan repayments. To get an accurate figure, you should speak to a broker who can take into consideration your complete circumstances.

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